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Saturday, January 8, 2011

What's on my iPod: GOLD MOTEL

What do you think? 
If you live in the Bicol region along with millions of other people experiencing the lovely backlash of the Philippine cold front, then you'll know that sunshine is nothing but a remote possibility.And during those days when I feel like a corpse since the sun's rays can't seem to permeate through layers upon layers of dark clouds, I resort to music and let it do all the heating up inside the house.

The last thing I need in this dreary, disconsolate weather is the Twilight Saga OST. So I guess the best way to go is find music that is summery and sweet or anything at all to get my mind out of the cold.

Luckily, Gold Motel does just that.

Gold Motel is a Chicago-based indie/pop/alternative rock band and brainchild of singer-songwriter Greta Morgan of The Hush Sound. 

What I love about Gold Motel is how their music seem to transcend even today's pop trends. In a time dominated by club-oriented music, they prove to be something that need not compete with current pop acts to be considered relevant. Gold Motel gives you the opportunity to just sit back, drink some iced tea or pluck your armpit hair and relax. Whether you're a college student like me, a world-class slacker (like me), an office  worker on board the MRT or simply a modest stripper working at Lady Anne, Gold Motel caters to every discriminating taste and  musical interest.

Inspired by the moods of summer, their first album Summer House is a collection of high-spirited songs that range from the highly animated to the dreamlike. The band's pop hooks infused with Morgan's melancholic vocals mesh to create a warm and relaxing feel to their music. Their sound is also heavily influenced by the California beach scene and jangle pop.

Notable tracks from their record are the lively beach anthem "Summer House", "Perfect In My Mind", and the rhythmically playful song "We're On The Run".

So if you're an eclectic music connoisseur looking for a new and refreshing kind of pop or just someone wanting to get away from the cold weather, Gold Motel is definitely the pop/vintage/rock fix you need to satisfy your audio needs.

"Summer House" by Gold Motel is a pretty goshdarn way to get rid of the rainy day blues.

To catch more of GOLD MOTEL's music, check out their website:

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