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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cherry Lips

What do you think? 
Yet another poem written by yours truly. This is also one of my old works I had to reconstruct and rewrite recently. This is one of my personal favorites from among my poetic works.

Cherry Lips
A poem by Andrew Garcia Gahol

You possess lips of rouge and expertly blushed cheeks,

Landscapes that seem to hide no trace of remorse.

A profound ploy to steal the limelight

From what nauseating filth there is

Revelling inside that foul mouth of yours

On which you smother seas of lipstick and gloss

To make your secrets taste luscious to every fellow you dare kiss.

To hide your acid-drenched tongue.

Your mouth is a vortex, a portal, a maelstrom.

It is a miracle worker and also the very depths of Inferno.

You smear your lips with rouge and expertly blush your cheeks

Like how one ties a ribbon bow on a box

Containing a grenade,

Waiting to explode.

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