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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Amy Winehouse, In Memoriam

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Amy Jade Winehouse (1983-2011)

There is more to Amy Winehouse than meets the eye.

Even darker than her unflattering tabloid image, turbulent personal life and alcohol/drug binges,  the demons that haunt her have managed to get the best of a songstress who could've been more legendary than she is today.

Found dead at 27 and alone in her London apartment, the demise of Amy Winehouse may come as no surprise to some people. But everyone could agree that she would've created a more world-weary and proper soul record if she managed to pull herself together.

It's a shame that she didn't go beyond what people expected her music could become. But in what she didn't accomplish, she made up by paving the way for other great and unconventional talents to surface in a sea teeming with glitzy and overly sexualized female pop acts.

Amy Winehouse enabled British musicians like Lily Allen, Adele, Duffy and Estelle to extend their musical horizons to the other side of the Atlantic. The American market welcomed British pop acts through the floodgate that Winehouse opened when she gained critical success in the US and through her spectacular 5-Grammy win back in 2006.

Amy Winehouse also sparked the rise of "the uncoventional pop star" that immensely competed with the Christinas and Britneys during the 2000s. Her gigantic beehive hair, her tattooed arms were indications that even the most eccentric artists could make it big in music. Lady Gaga even credited her once for igniting the musical trend.

Even in her death, it might be possible that Winehouse had not even began grasping how big an influence she was to other artists in the industry. All the booze, the on-stage drama, her battling with her eating disorders kept her from reaching her full potential as a performer. But even though her body was not destined for godlike success, her voice has managed to resonate through the industry and make the world take notice.

The world lost an unpolished gem yesterday. Amy Winehouse was an icon in more ways that one could ever imagine. As multi-faceted her life is, she exposed a lot of faces affixed to superstar status that the world hasn't seen before. They will all be remembered.

We shall remember a drunk Amy Winehouse in concert abruptly stopping and walking away to vomit backstage. We shall remember an unflattering photo of Amy Winehouse in a bikini, beer tummy out and flipping the bird at the papparazzi. But despite all of these faces we shall remember her for, I hope that what lasts for generations to come is the Amy Winehouse who sent chills down everyone's spines as she belted her distinctive contralto on-stage, who wasn't afraid to express her personal style and couldn't care less about what others would say, who introduced a new brand of pop to the already decaying sound dominating music.

That's the Amy Winehouse that we'd all like to remember. Rest in peace and may your music span generations to come.

Rest in peace, Amy Winehouse.

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