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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Comic Relief?

What do you think? 
Captain America: The First Avenger opens in Philippine cinemas July 27, 2011. I'm personally looking forward to watching yet another superhero film among multitudes of other superhero films that have been released in the past. You've got to wonder, why are we so hooked to superpowered people in tight costumes?

In theatres July 27, 2011
Moviegoers around the globe met the new millennium with a plethora of superhero films like Superman, Daredevil and Spider-man. Apparently, a lot of people are feeling more and more disheartened with the economy and the quality of their lives since the early 2000s that they simply needed to get away from it all, even for just a good two hours or so.

If it’s any indication that superheroes are here to stay, movie franchises are continuing to make film adaptations based on comic book heroes, even the ones who are lesser known. Whoever thought that Thor or X-Men: First Class would get a shot at the silverscreen?

But in the middle of our subconscious ache to escape that office cubicle and go to the cinema, we tend to lose sensibility with reality itself. Looking at it on a realistic level, superheroes would most probably do more harm than good if they actually walked alongside us superhero fans in the real world.

The danger that comes with spandex and the silly capes is something even comic book writers and filmmakers themselves have touched in the past. Movies like X-Men, Watchmen, The Dark Knight and The Incredibles have all dealt with the dichotomy of superhero righteousness and superhuman menace.

What makes superheroes a potential threat to the human race is simply the fact that they’re human just like the rest of us, only that they could disintegrate other people with a snap of a finger.

Being superhuman doesn’t make you super-perfect. Superheroes are subject to the same humanly flaws and shortcomings as any ordinary person. The only difference is they could throw the whole “I can’t help it if God made me this way” plea during a criminal trial the same way a person suspected of murder would sometimes use the insanity defense to reduce his sentence.

Seriously, would you stay in the same neighborhood as this guy?

Constitutionally, it’s harder to convict people with people born with retractable claws than people with guns. We can’t even fully regulate guns let alone nature. And superpowers in the hands of creatures as prone to being emotionally compromised as humans is pandemonium waiting to happen.

Unlike the just Captain America or the socially apprehensive Professor X, people will not always be selfless and wary of other people’s concerns. Not to sound condescending but, we can never cancel personal agenda out of the equation. If we all are to look deep into ourselves, we’ll see that self-corruption happens more often that we think. Superheroes simply have every means necessary to rule any nation they desire or to accumulate any amount of money that they wish. Thing is, not all of them will always be as virtuous as Batman.

But let’s just say that they are virtuous and they’re upright enough to work for their fellow men as say rescue personnel or military men, their service to your nation would not translate well to other countries.

A loyal superpowered public servant is a ticking nuclear bomb in the eyes of foreign powers. No rational country would stand for another nation harboring a superpower in their land. Superheroes are a threat to global security. They’ll simply cause the demise of international diplomacy as we know it.

So you see, superheroes are more complex than what their costumes suggest. Their very existence is a social issue everybody will have a hard time finding a middle ground.

Both supermen and ordinary men will have to scarifice a couple of rights on both sides in reconciling and harmonizing each other’s existence. If that be the case, then it's pretty clear that we'd rather not have people flying above us.

Superheroes may not be able to save the real world if they were in it, but they could certainly do so provided they simply remain cultural icons. 


The 2000s brought forward some of the most profitable superhero franchises in history. The Dark Knight (2008) is the eighth highest-grossing film of all-time with over $1 billion revenue worldwide.

All of these comic book and movie heroes, they are an integral part of tapping the superhero in each of us. They inspire us and even serve as a moral compass to those who follow their adventures.

While it may be ultimately regrettable that somebody may one day finally discover a mutant gene or a green lantern in their backyard, it’s nice to feel a sense of hope and morality in the real world as superheroes stop the bad guys in their little comic book universe.

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