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Friday, November 25, 2011

Why you should vote The Culture Shack as Philippine Blog Awards 2011 Blogger's Choice!

What do you think? 

The Culture Shack is a 2011 Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers' Choice finalist!
Thinking that my Youngblood article would be my last big accomplishment of the year, I received an e-mail today from a friend informing me that The Culture Shack, the blog you're reading right now because you have nothing better to do presumably, was nominated as a finalist in the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards Blogger's Choice.

It is un-effin'believable to be a finalist in a national blogging contest, especially if you're somebody like me who isn't exactly a hundred percent confident in (and conscious of) the value of his personal ideas and writing capabilities. To me, simply being nominated in an event of this magnitude is like Forrest Gump being given a Nobel Prize. So needless to say, I am genuinely and sincerely grateful for this honor.

But of course, it would also be really nice if I won this award. You, yes YOU, can help me reach my dream of bagging this honor. Also, it's so easy, even my grandma could do it! Here's how:

1. Write a blog post about your choice from the list of finalists. You may give an explanation why your choice should be the Bloggers’ Choice for this year.

2. Make sure to include a link to this post in your blog post, and
 make sure to include “rel=nofollow” in the link. We will not count your vote if you fail to comply with these requirements.

For example:
I vote for "The Culture Shack" for this year’s Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers’ Choice.

The link should look like this: <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>

You can vote for only one blog in the list above, and you can only vote once.
Voting ends 11:59 PM of December 2, 2011. You can start voting now!

Now you may be wondering why you should vote for The Culture Shack. Here is a list of reasons:
  1. The Culture Shack is about everything under the sun. It's not only a potpourri of a wide range of subject matters, it also dares you to look at things from a different perspective and challenges you to adapt a unorthodox mindset.
  2. The Culture Shack is both about embracing life and kicking in the balls (Not necessarily in that order). This blog understands that in order to appreciate life, one must look at both its beautiful and butt-ugly faces. 
  3. The Culture Shack is sheer, unadulterated rawness. When we say that this blog has a point to put across, we mean it. We don't like to compromise the intellectual and social value of the blog posts with empty calisthenics. Style without a means and/or an end is a cheating writer's way to hoodwink people into thinking that they have something to say when they don't. The Culture Shack likes to keep it real, unlike most blogs out there pretending that they have something to say.
  4. The Culture Shack is written by someone like you. No, I don't get to travel to many places. No, I don't rally in front of government agencies or cause traffic on Labor Day. No, I don't know any  famous people personally, except if you consider Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited's Casey Austria (an ex-classmate) a celebrity. I'm just a 21 year-old journalism senior from Bicol University wanting to throw in a piece of my mind into cyberspace. It's amazing what a seemingly boring daily life could contribute to social media. If there's someone who knows this well, it's me. The greatest adventures are sometimes just in front of your vandal-ridden armchair.
  5. The Culture Shack is notabout self-promotion, it's about speaking out. I believe that every single one of us has something to tell, and this is my way of satisfying my need to help other people see from a different lens. 
I'm sincerely hoping that you would help me win this award. Like hot sauce on sinigang, it would really make my day. Please vote for The Culture Shack. Remember, this is not only my blog's victory but yours as well! Thank you very much!

The Culture Shack is a 2011 PBA Blogger's Choice finalist!

I vote for "The Culture Shack" for this year’s Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers’ Choice.
 <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>


  1. Congrats for being a finalist.

    I also started a blog just a few days ago (transferred early posts out from my Facebook account), So maybe you could give a noobie some pointers on how to improve it. I am tied between making it humorous, serious or combination of both. I am also confused if I should make the topics a detailed analysis (which would make me out-of-date because I need to compile all the pertinent facts first) or just spur of the moment bite-size commentaries to make it easier to recall and not very tedious to read. The problem is, there is so much information that I wish to share, a single paragraph would not be enough. I am also arguing with myself If I want to be preachy and opinionated or just tell the story as a third party observer. One thing I wouldn’t want to take out is my penchant for adding my own personalized illustration or graphics. As you could easily deduct, I am still searching for an idendity to call uniquely my own and not just a clone or imitation of another blog. Thanks and more power to you, guys. ..and by the way,I am not after any award or recognition. I just want to learn how to bring out the best in me. Thanks again.

  2. Hi! I've read your blog and I would like to say that I am also a fan of your work. You are an awesome blogger and I don't think you wouldn't be needing pointer too much. You could pretty much stand on your own. Thank you for stopping by!


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