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Thursday, December 1, 2011

2011 Philippine Blog Awards Readers' Choice Poll-watching, Flabbergasted.

What do you think? 
The voting for the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards Readers' Choice ends at 11:59 pm tonight. As of 3:45 pm today, The Culture Shack still leads in the polls with 3,464 votes. Blog B, coming in at second, has 2,309 votes. Thanks to you, yes YOU, we are now dominating the polls by more than 1,100 votes! THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!

All this support is overwhelming me right now as a colossal sense of stupor and gratitude washes over me. I will not stop thanking everybody for supporting my little blog. This is definitely more happiness than one could experience in his lifetime. Thank you!

I will be logging in later to see if we've succeeded. My fingers remain crossed. 


  1. May you have all the best tonight!!!

  2. Hey, you are from Bicol University? AWESOME.

    Hey I'm Hoobert. Just got off from college last summer. Good luck to you uragon. Inggit ako. Hahaha. Panalo na yan.

    Hope to meet you in person.

  3. Aldin! Thank you very much!

    Sir Dex, thanks for promoting TCS! :)

    Hoobert, hope to meet you soon!

    Richard, thank you!


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