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Saturday, December 10, 2011

TCS Six-Word Stories Contest: "Anything Christmas"

What do you think? 
Hi there, avid reader of The Culture Shack! Do you want to be part of my little blog and win cool prizes (30 peso load) while you're at it? Here's how: 

I'm launching a series called "Six-Word Stories Contest" every week where you get to claw through mud and barbed wire to get awesome bounties (30 peso load)! The premise of this weekly contest is simple - I give a topic, and you have to make a brilliant story out of it in exactly SIX WORDS. Simple enough, right? 

The topic this week is "Anything Christmas". In six words, brew up something related to that topic such as "Santa's elves are lousy iPad makers." or "Early New Year accident: Noche Buena."

So let your imagination run wild...within a six-word limit! Simply submit your entries in this format: (Name, Mobile Number, Six-Word Story).


All entries must be sent before 11:59pm of December 17 - that's next Saturday! So, what are you waiting for? Put some elbow grease on those brain muscles and don't miss this chance to win fabulous prizes (30 peso load)!

By the way, in case you're wondering, the person who makes the best story will win 30 pesos worth of load. Don't give me that look. You're just going to type six words, not the Mahabarata.

Will be posting the Top 5 entries, which I hope is not equivalent to the Only 5 Entries, by Sunday next week. Sorry, no prizes for the runners-up. I might be able to throw in some old novels from my personal book collection or copies of Budyong (if you're lucky *wink*), but don't get your hopes up. That's as good as it's gonna get. Merry Christmas, y'all!


  1. Haha I want to have the first entry here just for fun.

    Name: Kristina Abiog
    Mobile: 09472900217

    "Praying for miracles through Nine Mornings."

  2. Name: Rey Anthony Ostria
    Mobile: 09074352446

    "...and then I won extra load."

  3. Name: Zandra Mae Estallo
    Mobile: 09212128909

    Christmas: Isaac Newton for the win.

  4. Name:Kenneth Raeneil Frondoso

    " 'want to be fat this Christmas."

  5. Name: Cesar Celerio Inocencio
    Mobile: 09219788004

    December deja vu: no Christmas bonus

  6. Earl Epson Recamunda

    "I'm coming home at Christmas Eve."

  7. Ira Jacob

    "no unlimited texts this Christmas season"

  8. Angelo Miguel Isip

    "You: All I want for Christmas"

  9. Franco Lasay

    "Christmas just ain't Christmas without you."

  10. Name: Albert Einstein ☺

    "Followed yeah, hope you will too"

  11. thanks again for the win. btw, I'm not from San Pablo, as your Live Traffic Feed logged in. I'm right in the heart of Quezon City, fyi


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