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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Six-Word Stories Contest #2: Assembling an Avengers Adventure

What do you think? 
Definitely the dopest movie evar.

            As a lot of you may probably have noticed already, The Avengers movie is dopesauce!

To pay homage to the record-shattering global success of The Avengers, I am launching Six-Word Stories Contest #2 of The Culture Shack. The topic this time is “Assembling an Avengers Adventure”. In EXACTLY SIX WORDS, create a story based on any or all of the Avengers. Let your imaginations run feral like The Hulk has just broken loose in Harlem.  Be funny, smart, sarcastic and ambitious! Write anything that would impress me as long as it could be contained in six words, which I also deduce is Hulk’s vocabulary capacity.

Also, hyphenated words like “batshit-crazy” and “RuPaul-pretty” count as one word. We've talked about this, if your entry does not amount to six words, you are considered disqualified from winning these fabulous prizes! The contestant with the best entry will win a prize package that includes Chuck Palahniuk’s novel “Tell-All”, one of my all-time faves, and the “We Piss Off Angry Birds” issue of MAD Magazine.

"Tell-All" by Chuck Palahniuk

MAD Magazine

Submit your entry via this post’s comment box in this format: Name, Mobile Number and Six-Word Story. ONE ENTRY PER NAME ONLY. I don’t want to have to teach you basic arithmetic to make you understand this stipulation.

Name: John Doe          Mobile number: 0929XXXXXXX
“They got Hawkeye instead of Legolas.”

            I will be posting the Top 5 entries next week. All entries must be in before 11:59pm of May 17, 2012. I will contact the winner and give him/her the details of how to claim the prizes. So what are you waiting for?


  1. Name: Hannah San Pedro
    Mobile: 09178865436

    "Thor, Strike Me With Your Hammer!!"

  2. Rene - 09287508285

    avengers is the best movie ever!

  3. Name: Angelli Rabe
    Mobile: 09279209020

    "Avengers, help us defend Panatag Shoal."

  4. Name: Cyril Patrice Bernardino
    Mobile: 09498904007

    "Howard Hughes: Drop those mojos, Stark!"

  5. Name: Karl June Ramos
    Mobile: 09206737274, 09158006521

    "Wonder what Hulk's pants size is."


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