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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chasing My 'Sweat' Dreams

What do you think? 
                 Anyone who knows me and/or who has come into physical contact with me could tell you that I am nothing if not a profuse sweater.

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Techni-Ice: All I Want For Summer
               I literally sweat all the time and in amounts so unsettling you’d always think I just came from an intense workout – or an oven. The sad thing about all of this is that I don’t even do exercise nor do I bake, and still I’m often greasier than a lechon. I’m naturally just a sweaty guy.

            Needless to say, summer weather has never been kind to me given the abnormally active sweat glands that I’ve been endowed/cursed with. And even the least energy-consuming of human activities such as walking or just plain staring at the TV while sitting on the sofa could bring me to an amount perspiration equaled only by the amount of water in the La Mesa Watershed.

             It doesn’t matter if you throw me in a skydiving wind tunnel, my perspiration will always manage to come out like zits on a teenage boy’s face and dampen my spirits and t-shirt. 

           I wish I were exaggerating, but I’ve given up on trying to find ways to hold my sweat in and just embrace my hyperhidrosis (The medical term for “excess sweating”). So you could only imagine my massive ecstasy when I came across this contraption called Techni-Ice when we visited my aunt’s house in Manila last April.

Me ruining my friend's debut by sweating
I was sulking in a living room chair while cursing the ridiculous summer heat wave at my Aunt’s home in Quezon City (Need I still point out that I was soaked with perspiration?) when my cousin noticed my armpit splotches and handed me a cool, puffy, frozen sheet of ice. I was vastly relieved by this offer though I didn’t know what to do with it at first. 

              My cousin said that I should slab it around my neck and body to douse the absurd heat. I did what I was told and to my surprise it was nothing less of amazing. It's like covering yourself in ice cubes without the unpleasant wetness!

When I asked what sorcery this was, she explained that it was Techni-Ice, something my aunt bought in Australia. It was something they used as a cold compress to beat the heat and to keep food and beverages cool and crisp on out-of-town family excursions.

At the back of mind, I was thinking what a convenience it would’ve been for me if I had one of these babies. I heard that they cost around 300 pesos and I was willing to spend some of my savings for some heat relief. But sadly, I didn’t know where to buy Techni-Ice.

I only coveted the Techni-Ice even more when she demonstrated how it worked. It was the coolest thing ever! She just ran water unto it, slid it in the freezer and in a matter of minutes, it was rock-hard solid and ready to help me fend off the heat! I remembered something about its New Millenium 4 Ply Construction inscribed at the back of the sheet and was wide-eyed at how ingenious our technologies have become.

A part of me (meaning all of me) was hoping that they would give me a Techni-Ice as a keepsake before we headed back home to Bicol. But unfortunately, they didn't. 

          The heat here in Bicol is probably just as vicious as that in Manila and I am so desperate to get my hands on some Techni-Ice that I’m willing to claw through mud and barbed wire for it. This is why I consider myself incredibly lucky to have found this blogging contest organized by Techni-Ice Philippines itself in no less than the last, I repeat, the LAST day of the competition!

Once I found out that I had only 4 hours before the deadline, I sprung into action and wrote this official blog entry for the Techni-Ice Blog Your Way Blog Contest where I have the chance to win THREE TECHNI-ICE SHEETS, which would be literally a dream come true for me!

Oh yeah, they’re also giving away a Samsung Galaxy Mini 2, a Techni-Ice mug and a Techni-Ice T-shirt, which are also very cool. But for me, I’d have everything if I had my Techni-Ice sheets! So please judges, I'm just a boy with glandular problems sitting in front of his laptop asking you to let me win!

Another photo of me NOT being dry, in case the judges need  to be more convinced.

            Visit their website at!
        They also have a Blogspot page!

             Check out this vid:


  1. Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for the submission. We are currently reviewing your entry for final judging. Good luck!

    - Techni-Ice Philippines

  2. Thank you very much! Please keep me updated!

    -Andrew Gahol
    The Culture Shack

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