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Monday, June 25, 2012

My Second First Day in LA

What do you think? 

My sister's blurry shot of  the LAX sign

Me and the family, my second time to arrive at LAX.

               Touchdown, Los Angeles!

            I apologize for this very late post. I should’ve updated you guys as soon as I arrived here at the Entertainment Capital of the World, but it sorta slipped my mind since I was too busy doing new things with my life. 

            For starters, here’s a list of things that I am currently preoccupied with and/or new with me:

1.      Started working out for the first time in my entire life. Been doing crunches, lifting weights, jogging a lot with barely any physical results at the moment, just results that are imaginary.

2.      Been eating healthy foods to promote faster metabolism and muscle buildup.

3.      Been eating non-healthy non-foods to cancel out what I just said.

4.      Been hitting the California Driver Manual to study for my written driver’s exam.

5.      Sent CVs and resumes to establishments like Petco, Wells Fargo, RCA Records as well as a bunch of Sunset Blvd. nightclubs where musicians play.

6.      Enjoying the fact that our family is finally complete and together after a very long period of time.

7.      Been playing with the hot and cold showers a lot, which ultimately scalded my skin or gave me slight frostbite.

8.      Almost fainted when I saw a wild fox scurrying on the city streets while jogging thinking it was about to attack. Luckily, it just needed a place to pee in.

9.      Been having a hard time trying to explain that I’m not Hispanic and getting them to speak English when talking to me.

10.   Missing the Philippines and all the wonderful people I love and depended on for back rubs.

Also here’s my last Facebook status posted in the Philippines dated June 22, 2012:


  1. wow!! i would love to have that photo as well with the big LAX sign!! xx

  2. The longest Facebook status I've read!

  3. i agree with Renz..hahaha...totoo nga!longest fb stat! :)

  4. waaaa is that a status? woooaahh.. really long bro..good luck to you there bro

  5. I wish you all the best in your stay in L.A. :)

  6. enjoy LA. :) don't worry, your country will always be here whenever you miss it. :)

  7. ang haba ng post! at ikaw na maraming "like" haha!

  8. LA!!
    Lovely City!
    good riddance there! Hope you find a job soon!

  9. Enjoy LA! Don't forget to blog about it! :)

  10. Cool! I wanted to go to LAX for a few years now. ^_^


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